Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stress management

Hello again :) 

How are you all? I am super stressed! All my assignments are getting closer and my dissertation is just round the corner. I have been so busy with everything other than uni work. When I was in my first year and I met third years who said how much work there is to do, I definitely underestimated the amount of work you have to put in the third year to do well.

Although it is not too late to get on top of things. To deal with the stress I searched what to do as it is normal for university students to get a little stressed. I found the following tips - 

Looking after yourself. Be kind to yourself. Give yourself "me time" in which you can choose what you want to do: Rest; do nothing; try a relaxation technique, massage or yoga; have a long hot bath; spend time with friends; treat yourself to something special. Taking proper breaks and eating well do help to combat stress.

Confronting the problem Try to stand back and look at the problem carefully. Break it down into manageable parts. Talk it through with someone else, brainstorm solutions, or get help if you need it. Try to manage your time effectively and learn to say "NO". Avoidance won't make the problem go away and can often make it worse. Leaving everything to the last minute is a major source of stress for students. Think about why you are finding it hard to get started: uncertainty about how to do the assignment, fear of being judged or failing? Starting a piece of work effectively reduces stress levels as it frees your mind, putting the thoughts of failure back into perspective. If you've had a row or a misunderstanding with someone, it rarely helps to avoid the issue. Talking it through with the other person or with someone outside the situation, often helps you express your feelings, regain a sense of proportion, and identify a way of resolving the differences.

Find some distractions Sport and physical activity helps you to relax physically and also releases endorphins in the body which produce a real feeling of well-being. Walk, cycle, swim, join a gym or a sports team. Joining a club or society, maintaining an existing hobby or learning something new, talking to other people... can all help you to take a mental and physical break.

Express yourself Talk about it, write about it, shout or moan about it: expressing your feelings can help to relieve stress. Acknowledging a problem to yourself and to others can be the first step in dealing with it. Sometimes having a good cry or bashing a pillow can release emotional pressure and calm your feelings of anxiety.
Looking at these tips the first this I realised that I have found too many distractions which means I will need to eliminate a few of them. On top of this, I have moaned and complained enough about how much work I have to do so I just need to stop and get on with it. Also I have had more than enough unproductive time to myself so no more 'me time' from now on. In terms of confronting the problem, the only thing I can do is start my work so at least I know I have done something. I hope these tips help you too if you are stressed about work.

On top of the uni work load I have to think about what I will be doing after uni. I have finally found a few jobs that I would like to apply to, so I just need to write up my personal statement and make my CV perfect. I cannot wait to get into the real world and start work.

Speak to you all soon.

Av x

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