Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hello again :) I have amazing news! I have finished my dissertation! Yaaaay!!!! A week early! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! I have been on top of my work. I also finished the other 2 assignments early. It is a really good feeling to get it all out of the way. After I finished my dissertation and printed it all out, I felt this huge sense of relief and a sense of achievement. This is the biggest piece of work (10,000 words) I have ever done. I actually went over the work limit.

The final title of my dissertation at the end was- 'An investigation into young women's perceptions of the role of prostitution'. Starting the dissertation was a little difficult for me as I kept thinking about the amount of words I had to do. But I did in segments which made it a lot easier to complete. I carried out a research on young women in University of Greenwich and I was genuinely interested and excited about the responses I will receive. The participants were amazing! I had a great response and the quality of the responses were exactly what I was looking for. Doing the dissertation was an interesting, scary and exciting journey. I was going to do a placement this year instead of a dissertation. I am so happy that I changed my decision and did the dissertation. I would recommend everyone who is going to university to do a dissertation. It might sound like a lot of work but if you do it on a topic you are interested in then it is a lot easier and fun at times, and finally finishing a piece of work that you might have thought you could never do, is a wonderful feeling. After finishing mine, I couldn't stop smiling :) 

Now I have one last piece of assignment to do for my 'formation of education' module. I am so happy to have chosen these modules. They are so interesting. At the moment I am doing research and I hope to get this done early as well so I can start my revision. I have 2 exams coming up. So along side the assignment I will be preparing for exams. I finish of the 17th of May! :D 

Finishing university makes me happy because all the stress is over and sad because I will miss the amazing people I have met, the student life, the student house I live in, the house mates, the student nights out, the lecturers and the university itself. On top of this, it is also scary to go into the real world. I spoke about this before, about getting jobs and everything. I have now finished doing my CV and I will start applying for jobs now. Some of my friends have started applying already and some have already received job offers. It is an exciting process I think and I really like interviews. I am excited to start applying and get a job. I will let you know more about it next time :)  


Av x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

So much work, little time!

The last official month in University of Greenwich 

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine :) summer is finally starting! It is a shame that there is so much work to do :( It downed on me a few days ago that this is the only chance I have to work hard and get the 2:1. Being in university and living the student life you don't realise that one day when this is over then no more days off during the week, no nights out during the week and being able to just spend the whole day with friends without any worries about anything other than education and yourself.  

For the past weeks I have been working hard and playing a little less. I will have a big celebration on the last day of my exams. I cannot wait for that but mean while I have been living in the library. The library became 24/7 after Easter holiday. One day I was  in the library all day and I left at 5:30am. It went really quick because I had loads of work to do but at the end of it was hard to keep my eyes open. 

I also met the writing fellows last week. They are an amazing service in university who look at your work and help make it better. They are so busy all the time, I have been wanting to see them since christmas! I was lucky to get one appointment with them just before I had an assignment due. I hope I get one again if they have any more cancellations. Make sure you book appointments with tutors, lecturers or for any help that you need early in the year. It is worth it. 

While I have been working hard, I found it necessary to take breaks. I would go mad if I was in the library everyday. I have been mainly taking time off on Saturdays going to birthdays and parties. As a student I would definitely recommend that you take a little time off. It has made me work better :) So many birthdays are coming during this stressful time. Most of the people will be celebrating after uni has finished and celebrate with no worries. 

Speak to you soon. Enjoy the sunshine! 

Av x