Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Last Blog :(

Hi guys!

Guess what?!!!! I got a job!!!! I was interviewed by two companies and fortunately I was given an offer from both of them. I chose the company I felt I will do well in and enjoy working in. I will now be working for Foxtons who are London’s leading estate agents. It is very exciting to know that finally your career is going to start in a well-known and a fantastic company. All the hard work on CV, looking through jobs every day and night, meeting with agencies and making countless applications; it has been totally worth it.

As I mentioned in my last blog that when applying for jobs you should do it individually as well as through agencies, I got this job through ‘The Graduate Recruitment Company’ ( Check them out because they are absolutely brilliant and number one graduate recruitment company. I went to register with them on the 10th of July and instantly I was put in for interviews. They are really professional, quick and determined to get you the right job. Within one week of meeting them I got two job offers and I accepted one of them. They are extremely supportive and understanding of new graduates. I am really pleased with their service and professionalism. I highly recommend them!

Besides this I also registered with the local job agency called ‘Workplace’ ( They were also very helpful and introduced me to several jobs, and also gave advice and help on personal statements and CV. There are so many agencies out there that you can register with and find jobs through them. You have to keep looking until you get that right job. Do not give up or stop! You know it is right when you get that feeling of tremendous excitement and happiness when you are offered that job. I definitely felt that when I got the call from Foxtons to let me know that I have been offered a job. I genuinely could not stop smiling and my heartbeat was so fast! It’s the feeling of achievement and success. I will hopefully have the same feeling more often when I am working there J 

Apart from the excitement and sense of achievement, it is very sad that this is the last time I am writing for you L I am leaving the Enquiry Unit which is where I work right now for the university. I have worked here for a year and have met some lovely people. It is a sad thought to be leaving them and I will miss everyone!
On top of this, leaving the university job means I will not be coming to the university itself. It is sad to think this but it is time to leave and move on to the career job. And let me tell you, I have had the best journey in University of Greenwich. I have met some amazing people while I have been studying and working here. On top of this, having amazing lecturers who supported me throughout the 3 years, from which some became more of a friend than a lecturer was awesome! Also having the opportunity to be able to work within the university and working with fellow students made university life even better.

Overall, university life has been amaaaaazzziiinnnggg!!! Everyone should go to university and live the student life. It teaches you so much about yourself and about other people. You build yourself up as well as make wonderful friends for life! I would particularly like to mention my best of friends from university- Hayley and Rosie. We have been through the 3 years together and have supported each other throughout. Leaving university it is harder to meet each other as we don’t live close by. So we made a promise that we will see each other at least once a month. I hope we see each other a lot more than just once a month. Love you girls J

So it is settled that this year has been the best year ever! I have popped more champagne than any other year. The main reasons were leaving university, 22nd birthday, getting married, getting a 2:1 and now a job! I hope it gets even better from here.

Hope you guys have loads to celebrate too and have enjoyed reading my blogs.

Goodbye guys!


Av xx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer, marriage, CVs and graduation! :)

Hello lovely people,

Summer is here! It is so hot that I feel like I am in a different country. I hope it stays this way as long as possible! So in my last blog I mentioned that I finished exams and planning to celebrate and a lot of exciting things will be happening. I have a few things to tell you guys. First of all I would like to announce to you guys that I got an overall 2:1 for my degree!!!! :D When I found out I couldn't stop smiling :) All the hard work was paid off. If you are in university or are planning to go to university then let me tell you, at the end of the years of hard work, it is the most satisfying feeling of successfully finishing university life. My Graduation is in November! It is far but I cannot wait!!!

Another exciting and life changing thing that has happened is that I am now married :D After my final exam a month later I went to India to get married. It was so amazing!!! My husband and I met in school and after been together for over 6 years, on Valentine’s Day 2013 we decided to get married :D We had a traditional Indian wedding ceremony and it was brilliant! But this is not it. There will be another wedding. Why? Well my husband is half English and half Cypriot so we will also have an English ceremony in a few years. I am super excited for it :D

It is not quite normal to leave university and get married. Most people look for the right job first. Don’t worry I am on top of that too. Like I said in my last blog, there are many jobs for graduates; you have to look for them. I have been looking thoroughly and have been to graduate agencies as well as normal agencies. There is a lot out there and you have to grab the opportunity. Do not let anyone or anything stop you from taking that first step towards your career.

I am fortunate to have supporting parents, an encouraging husband and positive friends. They have helped me through applying for many jobs and I have gained help from University of Greenwich with my CV. Make sure you have the best CV possible and apply for jobs individually and get in touch with job agencies. These can be local government agencies as well as private agencies. They can really help you out with your CV, personal statements and sometimes train you and put you in the direction of the most suitable job. I have found a lot of well-paid and interesting jobs through agencies. I have started applying for them and have been to a few interviews already and been called back as well. Hopefully I will get a full time career job very soon.

So far for me this has been the best year!!! I hope you are having an awesome time too! Enjoy the Sun and I will speak to you soon!


Av xx

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

University-DONE!!!! FREEDOM!!!

Hello lovely people,

So it has been a while since I have written a blog. I do apologise but I was super busy preparing for exams. Preparation for exams was a tedious but rewarding. I know it might sound odd but I actually enjoy exams. Let me tell you why. It is all over in a few hours! All you need to do is revise what you have already learnt, and memorise and practice questions. I love the feeling of finishing an exam. All you can do is your best. An advice for perspective students- when you finish an exam and  leave the examination hall, do not worry or talk about what you wrote or had written in the exam. It is a waste of time because you cannot change it. 
Instead, be happy that it is over! J Especially when it is a third year exam! I had two exams, one after the other. Honestly it was stressful and I felt like I was going to throw up just before both of the exams. But when I finished, I had the biggest feeling of relief. It was totally worth all the stress. The results came in very quickly and I found out that, I got a first for one exam and a 2:1 for the other. I was very happy to see the results J Also, the last time I told you guys that I finished my dissertation! Guess what! I got the result for that as well and I got a 2:1!!! Yaaay!!!

I believe it is important to celebrate hard work and achievements, so there is something to look forward to. After finishing the last exam, the students and lecturers went to a pub in Greenwich to have a celebratory drink. It was an exciting day. One of the students bought a bottle of champagne and popped it open straight after the last exam. Everyone was so happy! My cheeks were hurting from smiling so much J It was nice to see a lot of people out of university environment, especially the lecturers.

Being in the pub with fellow students and lecturers made me think about the years I have been in university; the amount of amazing people I now know and I have made so many wonderful friends. My University experience has been absolutely brilliant! I am very excited about my graduation. Seeing everyone in the graduation robes and the hats will be emotional. The graduation is in November so I have a lot of time to prepare for it J

Since I have finished university, I have been enjoying the freedom from university but I have also been applying for jobs. Students are told today that there are no jobs. Well, let me tell you something… there are a lot of jobs out there. There is just more competition. While you are in uni, make sure you do well in education as well as get experience related to the career you are interested in. Do not worry if you have a part-time job in uni which has nothing to do with the kind of job you want to apply for after uni. I am saying this because there are always transferable skills. Just make sure you have some experience working while you are in uni. It gives you a much better chance of getting a job. I am not going to lie, it a harsh world out there when applying for jobs because there are a lot of graduates and the employers are getting picky. So do what you can to make yourself the best candidate and stand out from the crowd. You have to really sell yourself. As long as you have a good degree (2:1 or above), work experience and the drive and passion for hard work, then I believe you will go far.

Getting away from the serious matters, it was my birthday on the 5th of June!!! In addition to the end of university celebration, I celebrated my 22nd birthday J I went bowling on the day of my birthday with some my favourite people. I looove bowling… Then that following weekend I went to Piccadilly institute for a big birthday celebration with my awesome friends! It was a club in Piccadilly Circus. To be honest, I still feel 21 so this was the anniversary for my 21st birthday ;) I might stay being 21 for a few years J

I will enjoy the freedom while I can before I start full time job. Make sure you enjoy yourself with whatever you are doing, and reward yourself and celebrate your hard work and achievements.

I will speak to you soon and update you about the job search and the exciting things that are coming my way J


Av xx

Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Hello again :) I have amazing news! I have finished my dissertation! Yaaaay!!!! A week early! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! I have been on top of my work. I also finished the other 2 assignments early. It is a really good feeling to get it all out of the way. After I finished my dissertation and printed it all out, I felt this huge sense of relief and a sense of achievement. This is the biggest piece of work (10,000 words) I have ever done. I actually went over the work limit.

The final title of my dissertation at the end was- 'An investigation into young women's perceptions of the role of prostitution'. Starting the dissertation was a little difficult for me as I kept thinking about the amount of words I had to do. But I did in segments which made it a lot easier to complete. I carried out a research on young women in University of Greenwich and I was genuinely interested and excited about the responses I will receive. The participants were amazing! I had a great response and the quality of the responses were exactly what I was looking for. Doing the dissertation was an interesting, scary and exciting journey. I was going to do a placement this year instead of a dissertation. I am so happy that I changed my decision and did the dissertation. I would recommend everyone who is going to university to do a dissertation. It might sound like a lot of work but if you do it on a topic you are interested in then it is a lot easier and fun at times, and finally finishing a piece of work that you might have thought you could never do, is a wonderful feeling. After finishing mine, I couldn't stop smiling :) 

Now I have one last piece of assignment to do for my 'formation of education' module. I am so happy to have chosen these modules. They are so interesting. At the moment I am doing research and I hope to get this done early as well so I can start my revision. I have 2 exams coming up. So along side the assignment I will be preparing for exams. I finish of the 17th of May! :D 

Finishing university makes me happy because all the stress is over and sad because I will miss the amazing people I have met, the student life, the student house I live in, the house mates, the student nights out, the lecturers and the university itself. On top of this, it is also scary to go into the real world. I spoke about this before, about getting jobs and everything. I have now finished doing my CV and I will start applying for jobs now. Some of my friends have started applying already and some have already received job offers. It is an exciting process I think and I really like interviews. I am excited to start applying and get a job. I will let you know more about it next time :)  


Av x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

So much work, little time!

The last official month in University of Greenwich 

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine :) summer is finally starting! It is a shame that there is so much work to do :( It downed on me a few days ago that this is the only chance I have to work hard and get the 2:1. Being in university and living the student life you don't realise that one day when this is over then no more days off during the week, no nights out during the week and being able to just spend the whole day with friends without any worries about anything other than education and yourself.  

For the past weeks I have been working hard and playing a little less. I will have a big celebration on the last day of my exams. I cannot wait for that but mean while I have been living in the library. The library became 24/7 after Easter holiday. One day I was  in the library all day and I left at 5:30am. It went really quick because I had loads of work to do but at the end of it was hard to keep my eyes open. 

I also met the writing fellows last week. They are an amazing service in university who look at your work and help make it better. They are so busy all the time, I have been wanting to see them since christmas! I was lucky to get one appointment with them just before I had an assignment due. I hope I get one again if they have any more cancellations. Make sure you book appointments with tutors, lecturers or for any help that you need early in the year. It is worth it. 

While I have been working hard, I found it necessary to take breaks. I would go mad if I was in the library everyday. I have been mainly taking time off on Saturdays going to birthdays and parties. As a student I would definitely recommend that you take a little time off. It has made me work better :) So many birthdays are coming during this stressful time. Most of the people will be celebrating after uni has finished and celebrate with no worries. 

Speak to you soon. Enjoy the sunshine! 

Av x

Monday, 25 March 2013

A busy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!

Hey guys! It is the time of the year to have loads of chocolate!!! :D I am not a big sweet tooth but when it is Christmas or Easter I do tend to eat chocolate. It is not even Easter yet and I have already had an egg and a few Malteasers MaltEaster bunnies :D 

Did you know- The tallest chocolate Easter egg ever was made in Italy in 2011. At 10.39 metres in height and 7,200 kg in weight, it was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant! 

This month I will be going to Canterbury to work with young people. It is for the same project I went to France for. The French kids will be coming to England!!! It will be a much shorter trip but I am still excited to be involved in it. All the student mentors had such a good time in the last trip and we all really bonded in the last trip. I am sure this trip will be as much fun as last time. 

With uni work- less than 2 months left! I cannot wait to get it all done. During Easter there are some really interesting assignment topics I will be writing about. One of them is about binge drinking in the UK which focuses on young people and how they are represented in the media. Another one is about female criminals and how they are viewed in the society compared to male criminals. The last essay I have to do is on education system, the discussion of private and public schools in UK. On top of this my dissertation topic is on 'prostitution', young women's perception on it. I am usually keen in controversial topics which people don't tend to talk about. It makes it much more interesting and fun to ask people their opinions. Makes it even better when someone is very opinionated and is not afraid to have extreme views about such topics. I have already done my research for my dissertation which was questionnaires and I was really pleased with the responses. I love that young women today have such strong views and are not afraid to express their thoughts. 

After all of these assignments are the exams. My last exam date is the 17th of May!!! :D I will be so happy that day! Will keep you updated on my work :)

Av xxx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Uni Uni Uni !!!

Hey everybody! So how did you spend your mother’s day?! Flowers, gifts, chocolates…. I am sure it was amazing! I went to visit my parents for the weekend to spend some time with them J

Alright so at the moment the university work load has started to pile on. With only 3 months left I thought it was time to take action. Better late than never…right?! J So I have made a tightly scheduled timetable. I it is basically; university or work followed by library all day then to the gym. This routine has been going on every day and it is turning out to be effective as I have started to do a lot more work and feel healthier. As a third year student I would recommend to have this routine from the beginning of the year. Also giving yourself some me time is essential which can be gym or just hanging out with friends after you have done sufficient amount of work. As I was not organised enough during the year, I now have to do this routine without any breaks but I am still going to the gym. I also had to leave Cheerleading as I do not have time for training or any distractions. The priority of being in university is your degree, not social life, especially in your third year.

On top of this I will not be going to ‘I Love Tour’ trip which was with all the cheerleaders. It is shocking to know how much less time I actually have to get all the work done. I have a dissertation due in on the 30th of April which is 10,000 words and I have only done about 5,000 words. Additionally I have two more assignments due straight after Easter holiday! All together they come to 6,500 words. I am stressing as I am writing this but I have made university work my priority and that is all I am doing. I will get it all done!

Apart from this there are a lot of important things that will be happening after I finish uni. I cannot wait!!! I am super excited about everything! Jobs! Moving out! Birthday! Holiday! Graduation ceremony!
So excited! Speak to you soon!

Av xx