Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Uni Uni Uni !!!

Hey everybody! So how did you spend your mother’s day?! Flowers, gifts, chocolates…. I am sure it was amazing! I went to visit my parents for the weekend to spend some time with them J

Alright so at the moment the university work load has started to pile on. With only 3 months left I thought it was time to take action. Better late than never…right?! J So I have made a tightly scheduled timetable. I it is basically; university or work followed by library all day then to the gym. This routine has been going on every day and it is turning out to be effective as I have started to do a lot more work and feel healthier. As a third year student I would recommend to have this routine from the beginning of the year. Also giving yourself some me time is essential which can be gym or just hanging out with friends after you have done sufficient amount of work. As I was not organised enough during the year, I now have to do this routine without any breaks but I am still going to the gym. I also had to leave Cheerleading as I do not have time for training or any distractions. The priority of being in university is your degree, not social life, especially in your third year.

On top of this I will not be going to ‘I Love Tour’ trip which was with all the cheerleaders. It is shocking to know how much less time I actually have to get all the work done. I have a dissertation due in on the 30th of April which is 10,000 words and I have only done about 5,000 words. Additionally I have two more assignments due straight after Easter holiday! All together they come to 6,500 words. I am stressing as I am writing this but I have made university work my priority and that is all I am doing. I will get it all done!

Apart from this there are a lot of important things that will be happening after I finish uni. I cannot wait!!! I am super excited about everything! Jobs! Moving out! Birthday! Holiday! Graduation ceremony!
So excited! Speak to you soon!

Av xx

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