Monday, 28 January 2013

Excitement and stress

Hello again :) Hope you are well. It has been snowing at the right time of the year. Stuck at home I have been doing loads of work and having loads of tea. I really don’t like the snow because its gets messy afterwards and I slip and fall :( But not this year! I bought my first pair of wellies ever! So no more falling over :D

I haven’t done much in this New Year but that is about to change because I am going to France in two weeks!!! This is for work though university. Working for the university has been one of the best things ever! I have a few jobs in uni and one of them is the student mentor job which is based on working on a CROIS Project. It’s an exchange project, so some students from England will go to France for 3 days and then the French students will come to England for 3 days. I am extremely excited about going and meeting French students and explore their way of life. There are some lovely young people participating from Isle of Sheppey. We are going to north of France so it will be really cold and wet :( But I got my new wellies to sort that out :). The most fun thing about preparing to go to France is learning French. I did a little French in school but did not carry on. The only thing I knew few days ago was Bonjour but now I know so much more! I would tell you what I know but I can only speak French, not write it.

This term I literally have no free time! If I am not doing uni work then I am working. I have been going to the library nearly every day staying till midnight! It has been paying off so far. I got a 2:1 for my first essay and 78% for my presentation which is a FIRST!!! Fingers crossed the rest of year goes well.

On top of work and uni I have to think about the future plans. The first step I will be taking is getting my CV and personal statement done. We have advisers at the uni to help us with this which is really handy. I need to see them as soon as possible so I can start applying for jobs. I still don’t exactly know what field I will be choosing so it will be difficult. As a sociology student there are a number of jobs I can apply for so I will apply for most of the relevant jobs and see how it goes. This year is all about doing well at uni and getting a job. Life is getting more serious… Time is flying by and essay deadlines are getting closer :( Time to knuckle down and get the work done.

Sad news, I broke my foot last year and I was in a cast until Christmas time, so I have not been very active or been able to do cheerleading  It makes me really sad that I will not be participating in the next competition but I am going to attend the competition and cheer for the rest of the team :D Hopefully my foot will get better and I will be jumping and doing stunts soon… I will keep you updated on that :).

Av :) x

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