Thursday, 24 January 2013

My first blog! :)

Hello everyone!!! This is my first blog! :) Well I am a third year student at University of Greenwich doing Sociology. I love my subject! I am also a cheerleader - Greenwich Mermaid :) It is sooooo much fun! I live in a lovely 5 bed house with other students from University of Greenwich :)
So far this year has been a little scary. There are so many deadlines to meet and the dissertation is 10,000 words!!! Every time I think about it, I get so worried :( Also the thought of leaving university in a few months and entering the real world is daunting me. There is so much to think about in terms of jobs and the future! I am excited but at the same time anxious. I have already been looking for graduate vacancies and jobs but I don't really know what field I want to get into :( I always change my mind about everything! I went from doing Events Management to doing Sociology and Psychology as a combined degree to Sociology. I love my subject and my work is so interesting! But I have no idea what job I want to do. I hope I end up with something good. 
Now the fun side of uni :) Cheerleading has been the highlight this year. I have met some really lovely girls. I started cheerleading in my first year when it was only 10 of us but this year there are about 40 of us. We practice regularly and have our mad socials. I love going out as a Mermaid :p  We are going to our first ever tour as cheerleaders in March. Yaaaaay! I am so excited for it!  
On top of all of this I also work at my university. It is really convenient to be able to work at university and working with colleagues who are students as well. Also any extra money as a student helps with so many things like rent, books, food and most importantly going out :D I think all students should work while they study :) 
There are only about 4 months left of university life… Its time to work hard and try and enjoy it as much as possible! 
Will write again soon :) 
Av :) x

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