Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Last Blog :(

Hi guys!

Guess what?!!!! I got a job!!!! I was interviewed by two companies and fortunately I was given an offer from both of them. I chose the company I felt I will do well in and enjoy working in. I will now be working for Foxtons who are London’s leading estate agents. It is very exciting to know that finally your career is going to start in a well-known and a fantastic company. All the hard work on CV, looking through jobs every day and night, meeting with agencies and making countless applications; it has been totally worth it.

As I mentioned in my last blog that when applying for jobs you should do it individually as well as through agencies, I got this job through ‘The Graduate Recruitment Company’ ( Check them out because they are absolutely brilliant and number one graduate recruitment company. I went to register with them on the 10th of July and instantly I was put in for interviews. They are really professional, quick and determined to get you the right job. Within one week of meeting them I got two job offers and I accepted one of them. They are extremely supportive and understanding of new graduates. I am really pleased with their service and professionalism. I highly recommend them!

Besides this I also registered with the local job agency called ‘Workplace’ ( They were also very helpful and introduced me to several jobs, and also gave advice and help on personal statements and CV. There are so many agencies out there that you can register with and find jobs through them. You have to keep looking until you get that right job. Do not give up or stop! You know it is right when you get that feeling of tremendous excitement and happiness when you are offered that job. I definitely felt that when I got the call from Foxtons to let me know that I have been offered a job. I genuinely could not stop smiling and my heartbeat was so fast! It’s the feeling of achievement and success. I will hopefully have the same feeling more often when I am working there J 

Apart from the excitement and sense of achievement, it is very sad that this is the last time I am writing for you L I am leaving the Enquiry Unit which is where I work right now for the university. I have worked here for a year and have met some lovely people. It is a sad thought to be leaving them and I will miss everyone!
On top of this, leaving the university job means I will not be coming to the university itself. It is sad to think this but it is time to leave and move on to the career job. And let me tell you, I have had the best journey in University of Greenwich. I have met some amazing people while I have been studying and working here. On top of this, having amazing lecturers who supported me throughout the 3 years, from which some became more of a friend than a lecturer was awesome! Also having the opportunity to be able to work within the university and working with fellow students made university life even better.

Overall, university life has been amaaaaazzziiinnnggg!!! Everyone should go to university and live the student life. It teaches you so much about yourself and about other people. You build yourself up as well as make wonderful friends for life! I would particularly like to mention my best of friends from university- Hayley and Rosie. We have been through the 3 years together and have supported each other throughout. Leaving university it is harder to meet each other as we don’t live close by. So we made a promise that we will see each other at least once a month. I hope we see each other a lot more than just once a month. Love you girls J

So it is settled that this year has been the best year ever! I have popped more champagne than any other year. The main reasons were leaving university, 22nd birthday, getting married, getting a 2:1 and now a job! I hope it gets even better from here.

Hope you guys have loads to celebrate too and have enjoyed reading my blogs.

Goodbye guys!


Av xx

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