Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Summer, marriage, CVs and graduation! :)

Hello lovely people,

Summer is here! It is so hot that I feel like I am in a different country. I hope it stays this way as long as possible! So in my last blog I mentioned that I finished exams and planning to celebrate and a lot of exciting things will be happening. I have a few things to tell you guys. First of all I would like to announce to you guys that I got an overall 2:1 for my degree!!!! :D When I found out I couldn't stop smiling :) All the hard work was paid off. If you are in university or are planning to go to university then let me tell you, at the end of the years of hard work, it is the most satisfying feeling of successfully finishing university life. My Graduation is in November! It is far but I cannot wait!!!

Another exciting and life changing thing that has happened is that I am now married :D After my final exam a month later I went to India to get married. It was so amazing!!! My husband and I met in school and after been together for over 6 years, on Valentine’s Day 2013 we decided to get married :D We had a traditional Indian wedding ceremony and it was brilliant! But this is not it. There will be another wedding. Why? Well my husband is half English and half Cypriot so we will also have an English ceremony in a few years. I am super excited for it :D

It is not quite normal to leave university and get married. Most people look for the right job first. Don’t worry I am on top of that too. Like I said in my last blog, there are many jobs for graduates; you have to look for them. I have been looking thoroughly and have been to graduate agencies as well as normal agencies. There is a lot out there and you have to grab the opportunity. Do not let anyone or anything stop you from taking that first step towards your career.

I am fortunate to have supporting parents, an encouraging husband and positive friends. They have helped me through applying for many jobs and I have gained help from University of Greenwich with my CV. Make sure you have the best CV possible and apply for jobs individually and get in touch with job agencies. These can be local government agencies as well as private agencies. They can really help you out with your CV, personal statements and sometimes train you and put you in the direction of the most suitable job. I have found a lot of well-paid and interesting jobs through agencies. I have started applying for them and have been to a few interviews already and been called back as well. Hopefully I will get a full time career job very soon.

So far for me this has been the best year!!! I hope you are having an awesome time too! Enjoy the Sun and I will speak to you soon!


Av xx

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